Past Projects


On 24 October 1947, the 551st Aviation Engineering Squadron (AES), was activated as a component unit under the Philippine Air Force pursuant to GO Nr 228, Headquarter National Defense Force (HNDF) dated 24 October 1947. It may be noted that the PAF was organized as a separate major service on 01 July 1947.

Six days later, on 30 October 1947, the 551st AES was placed under the command and control of 205th Composite Wing (205th CW) Pursuant to GO Nr 15 HPAF dated 30 October 1947 and is headed by CPT FRANCISCO O MILLENA PAF. The unit was tasked to undertake construction, repair, rehabilitation and maintenance of PAF aerodrome facilities and utilities; perform site inspection and technical survey in order to prepare plans, specifications, bill of materials and program of works for construction and rehabilitation; provide necessary assistance to other government agencies in times of disaster and natural calamities as directed; provide maintenance and services for organic engineering equipment, ordnance and other equipment; and, undergo and carry out combat support mission when required.

To expedite the development of new Air Force Base then, the command and control of 551st AES was transferred from the Commander, 205th CW to the Base Commander, Nichols Field on 11 October 1948 pursuant to GO Nr 9 HPAF dtd 05 October 1948.

Under the command of CPT JOSE M VICTORIA PAF, the Squadron rehabilitated the San Marcelino Airstrip in San Marcelino, Zambales in 1952.

In 1955, it constructed the Palauig Airstrip in Palauig, Zambales with CPT ARSENIO P FLORES PAF as the commander.

In 1956 to 1957, under the command of MAJ ALFREDO SJ BAYANI PAF, the Squadron has participated in the construction of the access road to 580th Aircraft Control and Warning Station (580th ACWS) in Nasugbu, Batangas; the rehabilitation of the Auxiliary Airstrip in Ilang-Ilang, Batangas and other engineering support activities to PAF bases.

In 1965 with MAJ DOMINGO O OLAGUER PAF as its commander, the Squadron rehabilitated the Sanga-Sanga Airstrip in Tawi-Tawi.

To harness the military engineer to contribute to national development, the command and control of 551st AES was placed under the CG, PAF on 01 July 1966 pursuant to GO Nr 130, HPAF dated 29 June 1966.

In 1967, the Squadron continued to provide important engineering assistance to national infrastructure projects such as the construction of the North Diversion Road in Bulacan.

Likewise in 1969, the Squadron was involved in the construction and development of the Nayong Pilipino complex in Pasay City under the command of CPT BONO JM LUISTRO PAF.

In 1972, under the command of CPT DOMINGO M FELIX PAF, the Squadron had participated in the Aircraft Revetment project at Awang Airport in Cotabato; the construction of roadnets and development of the Industrial Site in Sapang Palay, Bulacan; and the Villamor Air Base Parking Apron and Taxiway in Pasay City in 1973.

The demand for military engineers involvement in nation-building hit its apex that in the early 70's prompted the upgrading of the Squadron into a Wing, that, its reorganization to 550th Aviation Engineer Wing (550th AEW) on provisional status comprising of 551st AES and two (2) additional engineering units the PAF Engineer Construction Battalion (PAFECB) and the 5502nd Engineer Construction Battalion (5502nd ECB) effective 01 February 1974 pursuant to GO Nr 205 HPAF dtd 04 February 1974. The 550th AEW continued to be under the command and control of the CG, PAF with COL RECAREDO R ALBANO PAF as its first Wing Commander. The Wing was mandated to conduct horizontal and vertical construction works and other engineering related activities of the PAF.

To further reinforce its base development capability and support to civil aviation, additional engineering units was subsequently activated, the 554th Aviation Engineering Squadron (544th AES) on 08 February 1974 pursuant to GO Nr 213, HPAF dated 09 February 1974 and the 555th Aviation Engineering Squadron (555th AES) on 01 September 1974 pursuant to GO Nr 53, HPAF dated 14 August 1974.

On 21 March 1975, the Commanding General, PAF directed the 550th AEW to conduct the construction, improvement and maintenance of six (6) other Airports in Laoag, Puerto Princesa, Cagayan de Tawi-Tawi, General Santos, Davao City, and Awang in Cotabato City. The Wing was able to complete all improvements on the said Airports in the span of one (1) year. The Wing also constructed the Headquarters Philippine Air Force Complex Building at Villamor Air Base, Pasay City and extended the runways in Awang Airport, Cotabato City and Zamboanga Airport in Zamboanga City.

On 04 April 1975, the 556th Maintenance and Support Squadron (556th MSS) was also created and activated pursuant to GO Nr 316, HPAF dated 04 April 1975.

Pursuant to OPLAN BIRDWATCH, Task Force Pag-asa was organized on 01 May 1975 with the primary mission of construction of an airstrip and PAF facilities at Pag-asa Island located at the Kalayaan Group of Islands. The Task Force was placed under the overall supervision of the WC, 550th AEW,COL RECAREDO R ALBANO PAF, with MAJ MARIANO A RIVERA PAF as Task Force Commander.

To conform to the numerical designation of the 550th AEW, its two (2) squadrons the PAFECB, and the 5502nd ECB were re-designated as the 552nd Aviation Engineer Squadron (552nd AES) and 553rd Aviation Engineer Squadron (553rd AES).

On 02 November 1976, 555th AES (Prov) and 556th MSS (Prov) was dissolved. 554th AES was redesignated as 554th Maintenance and Support Squadron on provisional status pursuant to PAF TO & E FO-5 dtd 30 September 1976.

As resultant organization, the 550th AEW was then comprised of four (4) squadrons, namely: 551st AES; 552nd AES; 553rd AES; and, 554th MSS all on provisional status pursuant to PAF TO&E F05-3 dtd 30 September 1976.

In the continuance of its engineering service, the Wing rehabilitated the Cagayan de Tawi-tawi Airport and the Mass Parking Apron at the Puerto Princesa City Airport, in addition to several civil works completed in 1976.

In 1977, the Wing worked in the extension of Mass Parking Apron and constructed three (3) Security Barracks at Laoag Airport in Brgy Gabu, Laoag City.

On 14 July 1978, the responsibility of expansion and construction of four (4) Airports in Brgy Gabu in Laoag City, Sasa in Davao City, Awang in Cotabato City and General Santos were transferred to the then Ministry of Public Works and Highways. That same year, the 550th AEW completed the construction of a Transient Officers' Quarters and an Out-Patient Department building of VABGH in Villamor Air Base, Pasay City.

On 19 March 1979, 550th AEW (Prov) was again reorganized and re-designated as 355th Aviation Engineer Wing (355th AEW) also on provisional status pursuant to GO Nr 68, HPAF dated 14 March 1979, still with COLONEL RECAREDO R ALBANO PAF as Wing Commander.

COLONEL RECAREDO R ALBANO PAF was then recognized as the lone Wing Commander of the then 550th AEW. (No WC was able to command the Wing as 550th AEW)

Due to the reorganization and re-designation of 550th AEW into 355th AEW, the 552nd AES and 553rd AES were unmanned while the 551st AES and the 554th MSS (Prov) were re-designated as 356th Aviation Engineer Squadron (356th AES) and the 357th Maintenance and Support Squadron (357th MSS), respectively both on provisional status.

The Wing then installed the runway lighting system and constructed the drainage system and passenger terminal at Palawan Airport, Puerto Princesa City and constructed the Pag-asa Airstrip (Phase 1) at Pag-asa Island in 1979.

In 1980, the 355th AEW constructed the Base Warehouse and West End Approach Light at Palawan Airport in Puerto Princesa City and Golf Driving Range Facility at the Villamor Air Base in Pasay City. In succeeding, the Wing also undertook the following engineering works: improvement of the Cagayan de Tawi-Tawi Airport as well as the Sanga-Sanga Airstrip; construction of erosion control at Kalayaan airstrip on Pag-asa Island; and other PAF bases improvement projects.

On 16 April 1983, pursuant to GO Nr 93, HPAF dated 17 March 1983; the 355th AEW (Prov) was unfilled. Wing personnel and equipment were transferred to the command and control of PAF Security Wing.

Four months later, the PAF Security Wing (Prov) was dissolved on 16 August 1983 while its 3rd PAF Security Group (Prov) was re-designated as the 355th Aviation Engineer Group (355th AEG) on provisional status pursuant to GO Nr 359, HPAF dated 11 August 1983 with 356th Aviation Engineer Squadron (AES) and 357th Supply and Support Squadron (SSS) as its subordinate units.

As a continuing base development effort of the PAF, the Group undertook the construction of the football/ oval field, drainage system, asphalting of access road connecting to Manila International Airport, and the patching of taxiway Nr 3 near the Villamor Air Base, Pasay City.

On 01 January 1984, the 358th AES (Prov) was activated as a component unit of the 355th AEG (Prov), which assigned mission is to conduct development and maintenance of all horizontal construction projects PAF-wide.

On 21 April 1986, the command and control of the 355th AEG (Prov) was placed under the command and control of Commander, 55th Air Logistics Division pursuant to GO Nr 98, HPAF dated 09 April 1986.

On 05 December 1986, the command and control of 355th AEG (Prov) was transferred from Commander, Air Force Logistics Command to CG, PAF and was re-designated as the Air Force Engineering Service (AFES) on provisional status under the command of COL RODOLFO E BONANZA PAF pursuant to GO Nr 285, HPAF dated 05 December 1986.

Under the command of COL CESAR E JOSUE PAF, the Air Force Engineering Service completed the construction of access road leading to a 10-door apartment and construction of 3-units AM's Quarters at Villamor Air Base; construction of a Gas Dump at Edwin Andrews Air Base (EAAB) in Zamboanga City. The Unit also completed the asphalting of service road in front of Laurel Hall at Manila, construction of PAF Honor Roll Museum, repair of HPAF Bachelor Officers' Quarters (BOQ), repair of PAFSECOM Armory and Infirmary, construction of PAF Shooting Range and obstacle course facilities; and, rehabilitation of government quarters all of which located in Villamor Air Base, Pasay City.

After almost three years as a service, on 16 January 1989, AFES was re-organized and redesignated as 355th Aviation Engineering Group (AEG) pursuant to GO Nr 49, HPAF dated 03 March 1989 with 356th AES, 357th SSS and 358th AES as its subordinate squadrons.

To commemorate its lasting contribution to the PAF, "14 October" was designated as the 355th AEG Founding Anniversary date Pursuant to GO Nr 334, HPAF dated 13 September 1990

In 1990, under the command of COL MARIANO R RIVERA PAF, the Group improved the Manila International Airport Taxiway and Exit Parking Ramp towards Villamor Air Base, Pasay City; asphalted the perimeter road of the 420th Supply Wing area, and constructed the connecting taxiway and the 200-meter runway extension of Fernando Air Base in Lipa City.

On 04 July 1991, pursuant to GO Nr 343 HPAF dated 10 July 1991, the 355th AEG was redesignated as 355th Aviation Engineer Wing (355th AEW), with COL RIVERA PAF as Wing Commander.

Under the command of COL IGNACIO T NORIEGA PAF in 1992, the Wing constructed the parking area and drainage system of the Villamor Air Base Golf Course and the path walk for a 24 unit aircraft display at the Mini Park of Villamor Air Base. The Wing also improved the facilities of Antonio Bautista Air Base in Puerto Princesa City.

In 1996, the Wing under the command of COL ROMEO A BONAOBRA PAF constructed the access road and drainage system at the 505th SRG area and the parking area at the Katatagan Lounge in Villamor Air Base, Pasay City.

On 15 April 1998, as a result of the PAF Reorganization Program, the 355th AEW was placed under the command and control of Commander, Air Logistics and Support Command (ALSC) with COL EDUARDO R SANTIAGO PAF as its Wing Commander pursuant to GO Nr 75, HPAF dated 06 February 1998.

On 15 November 2000, the 355th AEW under the command of COL JOSE C ERMITANIO PAF was transferred from Col Jesus Villamor Air Base, Pasay City to Basa Air Base, Floridablanca, Pampanga to give way to the implementation of the Base Conversion and Relocation Program.

On 06 March 2001, Rancudo Airfield was declared non-operational for large aircraft due to considerable portion with soil erosion at both ends of the runway. With the plans to rehabilitate the Rancudo Airfield, on 15 January 2004, the Wing Commander, BGEN EMMANUEL M JIMENEZ AFP, together with other personnel conducted an initial survey to determine the status of the Rancudo Airfield at Pag-asa Island and to prepare bid documents for its repair. The project was approved and was sub-divided into three (3) phases. Phase I was the repair of the Northwest side of the runway while Phases II and III involved repairs of the Southwest and Southeast portions of the runway.

On 21 May 2001, the 355th AEW's mission and functions was restated pursuant to GO Nr 139 HPAF dtd 13 June 2001.

In the continuing support to national development program, the 355th AEW completed the construction of 60 units of single detached housing in Kamahardikaan Village, Indanan Sulu on 30 March 2002 and four (4) classroom school buildings in Pinagsanhan, Maragondon, Cavite on 02 May 2002 under the command of COL ARMANDO H ALOJADO PAF

On 08 May 2002, PAF Task Force "GARCIA" was organized on which the 356th AES was deployed in Cabanatuan City pursuant to GO Nr 159, HPAF dtd 16 March 2002.

On 02 November 2002, BGEN RAUL L PEREZ AFP took command as the first Wing Commander with the rank of Brigadier General since its activation in 1974 and he was followed by BGEN SEGUNDO F DIMAPILIS AFP on 15 June 2003.

Phase I of Rancudo Airfield repair was completed in November 2004. In addition, the 355th AEW also took the lead role in the rehabilitation of the Rancudo Airfield Maintenance Shed which was completed in 2005 under the command of BGEN FRANCISCO C CALLELERO AFP. Unfortunately, Phase II of the project was not started due to unavailability of transportation vessel for the hauling of construction materials and equipment from Palawan to Pag-asa Island.

On 03 February 2004, the construction of four (4) school buildings at Masbate Province was completed as part of PGMA "SONA" School Building Projects. It was in this construction mission that the first casualty of 355th AEW in its operations was recorded and this occurred at Barangay Paguihanan, Uson, Masbate when MSgt Alex B Diesta PAF died during the ambush of 355th AEW convoy bearing the personnel of 355th AEW by the Communist Terrorist. The convoy is on its way to Masbate Sea Port after completing the said project.

On 06 March 2005, under the command of BGEN ALFREDO S UBUNGEN AFP, the Wing undertook the following: construction of one (1) unit two (2) door school building at Buenaventura, Louisiana, Laguna and repair of the barracks of the Women's Auxiliary Corps (WAC) personnel assigned with the Presidential Security Group at Malacañang Complex, Manila. The Wing then went on to improve the golf course in Fernando Air Base, Lipa City on 12 July 2005.

In 14 March 2006, the 355th AEW went through a significant reorganization with the activation of 356th Aviation Engineer Group (AEG) and 357th Aviation Group (AEG) pursuant to GO Nr 90, HPAF dated 16 March 2006.

Upon the activation of two (2) identical Aviation Engineer Groups, the 356th AES, 357th SSS and 358th AES was reorganized into 3561st Aviation Engineer Squadron (AES), 3562nd Aviation Engineer Squadron (AES) and 3563rd Aviation Engineer Squadron (AES), respectively, and placed under the command and control of Group Commander, 356th AEG. Also, 3571st Aviation Engineer Squadron (AES), Aviation Engineer Squadron (AES) and 3573rd Aviation Engineer Squadron (AES) were activated and placed under the command and control of Group Commander, 357th AEG.

The activation of the 356th AEG and 357th AEG, both capable of vertical and horizontal construction, was projected to better respond to the need of the PAF construction capability for Base development and support to national development program.

Under the command of BGEN ROBERTO P REGALA AFP, the Wing undertook the construction of a new Detention Center at Villamor Air Base, Pasay City in 2006 and a 10-door Enlisted Personnel's Apartment of NOLCOM at Camp Servillano Aquino, Tarlac City in 2007. The Wing also implemented the construction of a number of farm-to-market roads.

On 30 October 2007, under the Department Order Nr 238, the Secretary of National Defense, HON GILBERTO C TEODORO JR, approved the activation of the Armed Forces of the Philippines National Development Support Command (AFPNDSC) and placed 356th AEG under its Operational Command (OPCOM) pursuant to GO Nr 1001, GHQ dated 14 September 2007. The AFPNDSC's mission which is to undertake development projects in support of national development programs to establish a physically and psychologically secure environment conducive to socio-economic growth.

On 13 March 2008, COL PEDRO E RIEZA JR PAF (MNSA) took over as Wing Commander after BGEN ROBERTO P REGALA AFP retired from the active service. Under the command of COL RIEZA JR PAF, the Wing continued to provide engineering services to base development projects of the PAF and contributed to the accomplishment of various “Kalayaan Barangay Program” (KBP) projects. The Wing was responsible for the construction of 31 KBP projects in the province of Pampanga which include farm-to-market roads at Barangay Del Carmen in Floridablanca and Barangay Planas in Porac as well as a water system at Barangay Palat also in Porac. Likewise, the Wing accomplished the following: implementation of the North Rail project in Malolos, Bulacan under the AFPNDSC; repair of a multi-purpose hall in Sampaloc, Manila; repair of a barangay hall in Tondo, Manila; repair of the Kahilum Day Care Center in Pandacan, Manila; repair of a multi-purpose building in Payatas, Quezon City under the NCR Command community projects; construction of the circumferential road in the province of Basilan; and, improvement of the Tumajubong Road also in Basilan.

The Wing continued to be involved in various base development projects of the PAF. Among these were: earthworks in the dump site of Fernando Air Base in Lipa City, Batangas; clearing of the 250th Presidential Airlift Wing Parking Ramp at Villamor Air Base, Pasay City; laying of flooring tiles of the 1351st Dental Dispensary at Camp Aguinaldo, AFP, Quezon City; clearing of grounds at Air Defense Wing Bomb Area; painting of runway markers in Pag-asa Island, Palawan; construction of night fighting facilities of the 710th Special Operations Wing at Clark Air Base, Pampanga and, construction of the Wing's own carpentry shop and warehouse, as well as the laying out of its communication system network. The Wing also took charge of the continuous rehabilitation of Rancudo Airfield in Pag-asa Islan through the Wing detachment established thereat.

On 31 March 2009, the Wing provided personnel and equipment to the AFP contingent who took part in the RP-US Balikatan Exercise 2009 Engineering Civic Action Program (ENCAP). The Wing was tasked to construct two (2) water wells: one each at Brgy Sawang and Brgy Dapdap Uson in Masbate. For aforementioned accomplishment, the Wing received a plaque of recognition on 28 April 2009 for the unselfish service it has rendered to the people of Uson, Masbate which ensure the populace access to potable drinking water in the area.

On 28 May 2009, the Wing participated in the Brigada Eskwela 2009 in Valdez Elementary School in Floridablanca, Pampanga. In a joint activity with the barangay council of Barangay Valdez, the Wing undertook the transfer of the school flag pole, construction of the school gate and pathwalk, and repainting of school buildings.

In September 2009, the Wing was tasked by then PRESIDENT GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO to construct another 47 KBP projects in the province of Pampanga which included: construction of five (5) farm-to-market roads, two (2) school buildings, and one (1) health center in Mexico; construction of one (1) farm-to-market road and one (1) school building in the municipalities of Lubao and Floridablanca; and, construction of one (1) farm-to market road, six (6) school buildings, two (2) retention walls for soil erosion control, two (2) health centers, one (1) deep well, one (1) comfort room, and one (1) school fence, in addition to the concreting of path walk and rehabilitation of two (2) school buildings in Sasmuan. Also completed by the Wing were: the construction of four (4) farm-to-market roads, one (1) health center, one (1) spill way and one (1) school fence, plus one (1) electrification project in the municipality of Porac; and, theconstruction of two (2) farm-to-market roads, four (4) school buildings, one (1) health center, and one (1) covered path walk in Guagua. All these projects were accomplished ahead of schedule and were completed before the end of 2009.

BGEN ISIDORO T MACARANAS AFP took command on 19 May 2010 and the Wing undertook additional KBP projects in Pampanga such as: two (2) retention walls for soil erosion control and construction of a farm-to-market road in Sasmuan; construction of school buildings in Porac and Mabalacat; and renovation of a school building in Lubao.

On 01 July 2010, with the numerous achievements and accomplishments of the Wing, the unit was awarded the Commanding General, Philippine Air Force Streamer Award in Support Wing Category for CY 2010. The award was formally given during the PAF's 63rd Anniversary Celebration held at CJVAB, Pasay City.

In recognition to the Wing's contribution to national development efforts, the then Commanding General of the PAF, LTGEN OSCAR H RABENA AFP, tasked the Wing to create a diorama depicting the various KBP projects the Unit had accomplished for display at the PAF Museum, Villamor Air Base, Pasay City. The Wing was tasked by LTGEN RABENA AFP to assemble a float embodying the invaluable support of the Philippine Air Force to the national development programs of the government. The float was showcased in the parade during the 114th Anniversary celebration of Philippine Independence Day at the Quirino Grandstand, Manila on 12 June 2010. The float was again featured with an InSTEP word during the 63rd PAF Anniversary celebration on 05 July 2010 which, in turn, drew positive remarks and feedbacks from the public and brought major credit to the Command.

On 23 September 2010, BGEN NEAL P GACRAMA AFP, then a COLONEL, was designated as the 20th Wing Commander of the 355th AEW.

In November 2010, the CG, PAF again tasked the Wing to create a more improved and innovative float on which the Wing complied and was included in the parade for the AFP's 75th Anniversary Celebration on 21 December 2010.

In the onset of the year 2011, the Wing again participated in the RP-US Balikatan Exercise 2011 ENCAP constructing two (2) units classroom building at Brgy Angeles and Brgy Pundakit in San Antonio, Zambales which started on 05 March 2011 and was completed on 08 April 2011. Furthermore, the Wing was tapped by Higher Headquarters to cater to the engineering services requirements of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) headquarters in Malacañang Park in which 17 projects, mostly construction, repair and renovation, demolition and clearing started on 27 June 2011 and was completed on 12 December 2011. Likewise, the Wing also responded to the Base Development requirements of the PAF wherein the Wing was tapped for the various engineering undertakings of PAF bases. In Fernando Air Base in Lipa City, the Wing completed the renovation of two (2) unit classroom building of the Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate School (PAFOCS), renovation of barracks and improvement of mess hall.

Overall, in support to PAF base development for the Calendar Year 2011, the 355th AEW accomplished 36 various projects that comprised: construction of various buildings, repair and improvement of barracks/ buildings and clearing/ scraping and leveling of grounds and perimeter roads. With this, the Wing was adjudged as the CG, PAF's Streamer Award in the Support Wing Category for CY-2011, a back-to-back achievement.

In the year of 2012, under the command of BGEN DANILO H PEÑAFIEL AFP, the 355th AEW is still vastly involved in the base developments of the PAF. It contributed a significant role in nation building by participating in the development projects of the government. The Unit accomplished twenty (20) PAF bases development projects including the reconstruction of a 2-storey Fernando Air Base Hospital in Lipa City; Construction of ABAB's Chapel and Mortuary in Puerto Princesa City; Repainting of PAF General Hospital, CJVAB, Pasay City; Soil erosion control and Repair of Drainage and Sewerage System at TOG-9 in Pulacan, Zamboanga Del Sur and Expansion of Taxiway and Concreting of new Parking Ramp at EAAB, Zamboanga City. On 03 May 2012, the AFPNDSC was deactivated and the 356th AEG was operationally reverted to 355th AEW.

In 2013, the Wing provided engineering services to the national development programs of the government and base development service to the Philippine Air Force. For Base development covering 2013, the Unit accomplished 14 PAF bases development projects including the construction of 355th AEW female barracks and repainting of roofings of 355th AEW Facilities at BAB, construction of Mortuary and Base Hospital in BAB; Repair/ Rehab of Gusaling Avila, and Enhancement of 205th THW Hangar at Basa Air Base; Construction of perimeter fence of 720th SOG, 710th SPOW, at PSG HQs in Malacañang Park, Manila; Waterproofing of 250th PAW Rotary Hangar and Maintenance Hangar at CJVAB, Pasay City; Repair of Base Operations Parking Ramp at EAAB, Zamboanga City; Repair/Renovation of two (2) Storey Building of TOG-1 at Loakan Airport, Baguio City; Rehab/Renovation of TOG-9 Facilities at Jolo Sulu; Scraping of Runway Shoulder, and Clearing and Leveling of grounds of 15th SW Firing Range and Perimeter Area at MDAAB, Sangley Point, Cavite City.

In support to the Community Development programs of the government the Wing has completed a total of three (3) projects namely: construction of one (1) Unit seven (7) doors row house and one-1 Unit 9 doors Row House building at Payatas Rd, Quezon City, and the Construction of One (1) Unit with Four (4) Doors Row House at GK Telus Village, Kalusugan St. Batasan Hills, Quezon City. The Wing again participated in RP-US Balikatan in 2013 which constructed one (1) school building at Omaya Elementary School, San Narciso, Zambales.

On November 2013, personnel of 355th AEW conducted a clearing operation in TOG-8 area at Romualdez Airport, Tacloban City, after the devastation brought about by Super Typhoon "Yolanda" which was historically recorded as one of the strongest typhoon the world has ever seen. The Wing deployed personnel and heavy engineering equipment also conducted repair and rehabilitation of TOG-8 facilities and provided assistance in the distribution of reliefs good which were donated by Non-Government Organizations and other countries.

Covering the year 2014, under the command of BGEN ELMER R AMON AFP, the unit accomplished 19 Base Development Projects to include: Continuation of renovation/ rehabilitation of BAB Hospital, Repair of Machine Shop of AFRDC at BAB, Pampanga; Clearing/ Levelling of ground in the ADW Firing Range at BAB, Pampanga; Clearing and Levelling of Taxiway/ Runway shoulder at MDAAB, Sangley Point, Cavite City; Back Filling of MDAAB Museum Grounds at Sangley Point , Cavite City; Improvement of Runway Drainage at Sangley Point, Cavite City; Repair/ repainting of Haribon building at CAB, Pampanga; Improvement of Rifle Bay of firing range at Sangley Point, Cavite City; Clearing and Levelling of grounds of 15th SW Firing Range at Sangley, Cavite City; Improvement of Firing Range at CJVAB, Pasay City; Improvement of MDAAB Facilities at Sangley Point Cavite City; Clearing of 600th ABW Compost Pit at CAB, Pampanga; Clearing of round around the 420th SW Igloo at CAB, Pampanga; Excavation of Compost Pit at CJVAB Golf Club, Pasay City; Clearing and Stockpiling of Debris at CJVAB, Pasay City; Transportation Support using two (2) M-35 trucks and Engineering Equipment (one Manlifter) support to AETC at FAB, Lipa City; Rehabilitation of 355th AEW Admin Bldg. at WESCOM Area 2 to include the deployment of one (1) Dump Truck #355 on 14 Nov 14; Repair/ Rehabilitation of UN Quarantine Area at Caballo Island, Cavite; and the Fencing of Paranal Air Station at Jose Panganiban, Camarines Sur which was completed in March 2015.

The Wing also participated in the repair and rehabilitation of school buildings at Tamaoyan Elementary School in Legaspi City, Albay during the RP-US Balikatan Exercise 2014 last April to May 2014. Likewise, the wing participated in the "Habitat for Humanity" and completed the construction of one (1) nine (9) Doors Row Houses at Payatas Road, Quezon City.

On 29 December 2014, the then COL ANTONIO RAMON A LIM PAF (GSC) was designated as its 22nd Wing Commander. Under his command: he immediately instituted reforms in terms of facility improvement and vegetation control as well as raising the bar on the morale, welfare, and discipline of personnel.

He also implemented the vigorous facility improvement and he made sure that all the Unit's facilities are convenient users.

Similarly for vegetation control, he orchestrated a sustained sprucing up of the vast Wing's area of responsibility. He also ensures that this activity will not be a "Ningas Cogon". In a parallel manner, trimming of trees near 355th AEW buildings were carried out. These activities have resulted into a restored order within the Wing's premises.

For raising the bar on the morale, welfare, and discipline, the Wing Commander provided the personnel almost all the necessary equipment for their use, namely; TV sets and Karaoke Equipment for entertainment and Gym Equipment, Sauna and steam baths at the Wing Fitness and Wellness facility; and Basketball and Volleyball courts' maintenance for physical conditioning. The merit system was adopted by giving recognition to personnel who excelled in the discharged of their assigned tasked. However, to instill discipline among the personnel, he strictly enforces the AFP rules and regulations within the Unit.

It is also worthy to mention that during his first three months (January - March 2015) as a Wing Commander, two (2) high end projects of the PAF were implemented and completed. Furthermore, various Base Development Projects of PAF Units were supported with Equipment and Personnel as follows:


1. Rehabilitation/ repair of 355th AEW five (5) Bay Maintenance Shed at WESCOM Area 2.
2. Repair and Renovation of 355th AEW Headquarter Building at BAB, Pampanga.


1. Clearing, excavation and backfilling of Old Garbage Pit at 420th SW Igloo Area at CAB, Mabalacat City.
2. Improvement of 420th SW Firing Range at CAB, Mabalacat City.
3. Transported various BER equipment for disposal at 420th SW, CAB, Mabalacat City.
4. Clearing and levelling of garbage in the AETC dumpsite at FAB, Lipa City.
5. Clearing and hauling of garbage at 520th ABW dumpsite at CJVAB, Pasay City.
6. Levelling of grounds and clearing of surroundings along the perimeter fence of 420th SW at CAB, Mabalacat City.
7. Bulldozing of Garbage at 520th ABW Dumpsite at CJVAB, Pasay City.
8. Clearing and levelling of Aerodrome grounds and earthworks on the new dumpsite of AETC at FAB, Lipa City.

Another project, the Installation of Perimeter Fence at Parañal Air Station, Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte that started on 24 November 2014 was completed under his watch on 21 June 2015.

For the 2nd Quarter of 2015, the WC, 355th AEW was given the green light to start the implementation of the Commands' contractions projects and also heed to the request of other PAF Units for equipment and personnel support for their base development projects. The following base development projects were either completed on the scheduled time or earlier:


1. Repair of ALC Barracks at CAB, Mabalacat City.
2. Repainting of Exterior Walls of 355th AEW Building/ Facility at BAB, Pampanga.


1. Clearing of access road to Sitio Durungawan Gunnery Range at CVMR, Capaz, Tarlac.
2. Leveling of 540th ABG Parking Area at BAB, Pampanga.

For the 3rd Quarter, under the stewardship of COLONEL LIM, more BDES projects were completed as follows:

1. Repair of 356th AEG Headquarters Building at BAB, Pampanga.
2. Repair of 357th AEG Headquarters Building at BAB, Pampanga.
3. Repair of 356th AEG EP Barracks at BAB, Pampanga.
4. Repair of 357th AEG EP Barracks at BAB, Pampanga.
5. Perimeter fencing of TOG 10 TACP at Bancasi Airport, Butuan City.
6. Repair and rehabilitation of ADW Warehouse Nr 5 at BAB, Pampanga.
7. Repair and renovation of PAF Procurement Center at CJVAB, Pasay City.
8. Repair of 355th AEW Fitness Gym (Bldg Nr 9007-21) at BAB, Pampanga.


1. Clearing of debris in the 460th Maintenance Group area at MDAAB, Sangley Point, Cavite City.
2. Leveling of ground in the Squadron of Excellence Bldg. of 710th SPOW at Training Hutment, CVMR, Capaz, Tarlac.
3. Excavation for the construction of retaining walls in the dumpsite area for soil erosion control at CJVAB, Pasay City.
4. Clearing and leveling of 15th SW perimeter road at MDAAB, Sangley Point, Cavite City.
5. Hauling of debris from the Officers' Quarters Area at MDAAB, Sangley Point, Cavite City.
6. Excavation of canal in NCOS, AETC Area at FAB, Lipa City.
7. Excavation of canal at PAFTSTS, AETC area at FAB, Lipa City.
8. Trimming of trees branches and repair of electric power lines at FAB, Lipa City.
9. Hauling of garbage from Officers' Quarters area at MDAAB, Sangley Point, Cavite City.
10. Pushing of garbage in the 15th SW dumpsite area at MDAAB at Sangley Point, Cavite City.

To further upgrade the Wing's facilities, the then COLONEL LIM embarked on new Wing projects for the last quarter of 2015. In spite of the numerous projects being undertaken by the Unit, the Wing Commander continuously supported the requirements of the other PAF Units in their base development.


1. Repair of 355th AEW Laundry Facility (Building Nr 9007-21) at BAB, Pampanga.
2. Repair of 410th MW Fixed Wing Hangar at CAB, Mabalacat City.
3. Repair of 420th SW Warehouse (Bldg Nr 6128) at CAB, Mabalacat City.


1. Clearing and leveling of grounds of 710th SPOW premises at CVMR, Capaz, Tarlac.
2. Hauling and leveling of sand and soil in the 770th Support Group, 710th SPOW area at CVMR, Capaz, Tarlac.
3. Clearing of tall grasses in the Runway Shoulder at BAB, Pampanga.
4. Clearing of garbage in the AETC Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) area at FAB, Lipa City.
5. Scraping and leveling of soil beside BMTS at FAB, Lipa City.
6. Backfilling and leveling of soil in the 520th ABW Dumpsite Area at CJVAB, Pasay City.
7. Bulldozing of garbage at CAB, Mabalacat City.
8. Clearing and leveling of ground in the Nursery Area at FAB, Lipa City.
9. Clearing of concrete debris in the Legacy Quarters Area at FAB, Lipa City.

Being a contributor to the National Development Program of the government, the 355th AEW supported a number of projects by providing personnel and equipment support as follows:

1. Dredging of Irrigation Dam at Barangay San Ramon, Floridablanca, Pampanga.
2. Dredging of Mini Dam at Barangay Pabanlag, Floridablanca, Pampanga.
3. Clearing and crowning of Farm to Market road at Barangay Pabanlag, Floridablanca, Pampanga.
4. Clearing/ Leveling of Perimeter road in the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) Transmitter Station area at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.
5. Leveling of grounds for the Proposed Training Center Site of CAAP at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.
6. Repair of classrooms on six (6) Beneficiaries Schools in the Province of Bohol during the US Pacific Angel 15-1 ENCAP.
7. Repair of Six (6) Classrooms' Lavatories at Barangay Pabanlag, Floridablanca, Pampanga.

By virtue of the directive issued by the Higher Headquarters, the Wing took part in the conduct of the Pacific Angel 15-1 Engineer Civic Action Program (ENCAP) in the province of Bohol for the period 14- 22 August 2015 which led to the successful repair/ renovation of various classrooms in six (6) beneficiary schools which were damaged by a powerful earthquake in 2013.

The Wing was able to comply all its functional line activities based on the Mission Essential Task List from Higher Headquarters. The Wing conducted 49 site inspections, surveys, BOME, Scope of Works and DAEP for various infrastructure projects. Also, the Wing performed construction, repair and rehabilitation of vertical and horizontal structures to support 13 infrastructure projects of the PAF. In terms of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response (HADR), the 355th AEW HADR Teams as member of PAF MDRU and BAB DRU were deployed to perform relief, rescue and rehabilitation operations in weather severely affected areas last 3rd and 4th Quarter of 2015. In addition, the 355th AEW actively participated/ assisted in six (6) infrastructure projects in support to National Development Program of the Government.

Covering January until August of CY 2016, the then COL LIM PAF (GSC), embarked again on numerous projects. This shows that the 355th AEW was recognized by other PAF units for its capabilities to support the PAF Mission.

On base development support and service, the wing was able to accomplish different base development support and services to the PAF as follows:

1. Repair of 432nd TTS Building of ADW at BAB, Pampanga.
2. Enhancement of Tool Room (Building Nr 9012-14) of 355th AEW OCM Building at BAB, Pampanga.
3. Extension of 355th AEW Carpentry Shop at BAB, Pampanga.
4. Repair of ADW nine (9) Doors Apartment at BAB, Pampanga.
5. Establishment of 355th AEW Construction Equipment Relics Park (CERP) at BAB, Pampanga.
6. Repair of HAFRC HQs (Bldg Nr 7720) at CAB, Mabalacat City.
7. Repair of 420th SW Warehouse (Bldg Nr 6128) at CAB, Mabalacat City.
8. Construction of Septic Vault for ERC Barracks at BAB, Pampanga.
9. Repair and retrofitting of 355th AEW Grandstand at BAB.

For personnel and equipment support to base development projects, the Wing supported other units in their base development program. The following projects were done:

1. Clearing and leveling of grounds at AFC Golf Course (Fairway) at CAB, Mabalacat City.
2. Clearing, leveling and backfilling of grounds at 710th SPOW Motor Pool Area at CMVR, Capas, Tarlac.
3. Leveling of proposed Basketball Court and Motor Pool surrounding area at CVMR, Capas, Tarlac;
4. Clearing and leveling of 600th ABW Disposal Area at CAB, Mabalacat City.
5. Clearing of garbage at Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) at FAB, Lipa City.
6. Clearing and leveling of grounds of AETC Nursery Area at FAB, Lipa City.
7. Excavation & clearing of debris at Barrio Area at FAB, Lipa City.
8. Installation of Post 57 Jalousie Window & Glass Door at BAB, Pampanga.
9. Excavation of canal and leveling of grounds of HQs 1st AD at CAB, Mabalacat City.
10. Clearing of debris at the back of Officers' Quarters at FAB, Lipa City.
11. Installation of temporary perimeter fence at TOG 10, Lumbia Airport, Cagayan De Oro City.
12. Improvement of Canal of Runway at BAB, Pampanga.
13. Clearing of debris of Villamor Golf Club at CJVAB, Pasay City.
14. Leveling of ground of 710th SPOW Area (Grandstand and Parade Ground) at CVMR, Capas, City.
15. Clearing of garbage and pit excavation near Eagles Inn at CAB, Mabalacat City;
16. Excavation and clearing of debris at 554th Air Police Squadron at FAB, Lipa City.

Indeed, the 355th AEW had contributed in changing and uplifting the living conditions of our fellow soldiers and admirably enhanced the administrative efficiency and the operational readiness of PAF.

In support to our international commitment and bilateral agreement to allied countries, the 355th AEW teamed up with the US Counterparts during the Pacific Unity 2016 that led to the construction of three (3) classrooms and four (4) comfort rooms at Floridablanca, Elementary School, Floridablanca, Pampanga.

Aiming to win the hearts and minds of the populace especially those situated at the neighboring communities of Basa Air Base the wing provided assistance showcasing the technical skills of the wing personnel in carpentry and masonry by the repair of Six (6) Classroom Lavatories at Brgy. Pabanlag, Floridablanca, Pampanga.

The 355th AEW had implemented the Wing's programmed courses and seminars through in-house training and inter-agency training. The wing was able to conduct at least fifteen (15) trainings, courses and seminars local and international which benefited officers, enlisted personnel and civilian employees of the wing. Notable was the SMEE on Rapid Runway Repair as part of the Pacific Unity 2016. These trainings are essentials in order to upgrade the personnel's skills and produce new skilled personnel needed in the effective and efficient accomplishment of the Wing's mandated mission.

On 05 July 2016, through these Unit's numerous accomplishments, the 355th AEW was adjudged as the CG, PAF Streamer Awardee for Support Wing Category and 357th AEG as the CG, PAF Streamer Awards for Support Group Category for CY- 2016. The awards were presented to WC, 355th AEW and GC, 357th AEG by the no less than the Commander-in-Chief, PRESIDENT RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE himself as the Guest of Honor and Speaker during the PAF 69th Founding Anniversary at CAB, Mabalacat City. The Wing was able to accomplish another milestone in its history since its recognition in the same fete given in 2010 and 2011.

On 23 August 2016, the command and control of 355th AEW was transferred from Commander, ALC to CG, PAF pursuant to GO Nr 296, HPAF dated 25 August 2016. This was part of the reorganization on PAF units as stated in the PAF FLIGHT PLAN 2028.